Genomics techniques provide groundbreaking new ways of addressing precision medicine, allowing us to tailor personalized ways of improving the health of our clients, specific to each individual’s unique genetic makeup.

Our Approach

Our clinic is one of the leading providers of genomics services in Hong Kong. Where appropriate, we recommend genomic testing to complement medical treatment if a likely correlation is anticipated or a more in-depth investigation is sought to assist with diagnosis or optimal health planning.


Tailored supplementation and lifestyle recommendations are closely aligned with our anti-aging and optimal wellness practices.

Services List


A breakthrough area of genomics where genetic information allows us to anticipate likely prescription drug response as a result of clinical research having identified numerous drug-gene interactions of significance. Tailoring drug therapy to a patient by way of pharmacogenomics helps to maximise efficacy and minimize the probability of side-effects.

Genome Analysis

This includes single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis or partial genome sequencing to review certain genetic markers and variations, in order to determine an individual’s likely genetic expression and subsequent disease risk in relation to clinical research findings.


The translation of evidence-based nutrigenomic research in relation to Inflammation, Detoxification, Weight Management, Chronic Disease, Female Health and Fitness. Nutritional support, by way of supplements and reviewed food choices, is tailored to favourably modify or circumvent compromised gene expression.